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Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

We maintain a ratio of 1:16 chaperons to students.  Typically, chaperons are selected from teaching and support staff at the school and are experienced in supervising large groups of students.  We do not have parents serve as chaperons.

All meals are included.  Buffet breakfasts are provided each morning providing a wide variety of options.  Lunch and dinners are provided close by to the attractions students will be visiting – often times food courts affording multiple choices or boxed lunches delivered to a particular site.  Vegetarian options are provided. Unfortunately, gluten free options cannot be guaranteed at each meal.

We stress that students need to be in good health in order to participate.  We collect medical information on each student as part of the application process.  Students must be symptom free from colds and flu. If a student becomes ill while on the trip, we contact the parent or guardian for guidance as needed.  Each bus has a “Medical Kit” with over the counter medications and first aid supplies.  For more serious issues, students will be taken to Urgent Care or Emergency Rooms as appropriate.

Yes – TravelEd hires professional security services at each hotel to ensure the safety and security of our groups.

Yes!  Provided all discipline requirements are met.  However, unless there is a sufficient number of high school students who apply, there would NOT be a separate High School program.

While Covid 19 vaccinations are no longer required, they are strongly recommended due to some of the large crowds the students will be in contact with.  Masks are not required, but some buildings are still advising that masks should be worn.

We do not provide cell phone numbers for the Tour Director or Chaperons. As you can imagine, it would be very difficult to manage a group of 100 or more students with 100 parents calling. Telephone numbers for each hotel are provided on the itinerary and we encourage parents to leave a  message for the Tour Director at the hotel. Every student is provided with an emergency contact number that is answered by a live operator 24/7.  This operator does have the phone numbers for each Tour Director and Chaperon .  Messages can also be left 24/7 with TravelEd at or our website.  These will be forwarded to the Tour Director or student.

Yes!  The tour price includes roundtrip checked luggage for one bag per student.

Students travel on scheduled airlines.  Ground transportation is on deluxe recliner buses.  We even provide the airport transfer from the student’s attendance area (the school or nearby) !

The trip is inclusive of all costs (transportation, meals, lodging , sites, tipping etc.). Students only need money for souvenirs and between meal snacks.  In saying that, some souvenirs can be expensive.  Sweatshirts can run upwards of $50 while replica items from museums can exceed $100.00.  On average, students bring between $200-$300.  If an emergeny arises, the Tour Director for each group can provide cash loans to a student after receiving parent/guardian approval.

Students must be able to self medicate any prescription medication.  Chaperons are forbidden from holding or administering any type of prescription medicaiton. If a child cannot self-medicate, provision can be made for a care giver to accompany the child at parent’s expense to assist any student needing medical assistance.

Final itineraries with flight and hotel information are distributed at the pre-trip meetings and are then posted on our website in weeks prior to departure.

A suggested clothing list is available on our website.  Students need one “dressup” outfit for our evening at the Kennedy Center.  We encourage the students to pack light and bring only piece of checked luggage and one small carryon.  

Students may bring cell phones or small electronics.  We advise students NOT to bring tablets or laptops as they have been easy targets for theft.

Students are required to have their student photo I.D.  Please do NOT send a passport.

Unfortunately, since 9/11, airlines have become very strict about requiring students to only sit in their assigned seats.  Airlines do not allow groups to choose seats but rather make final seat assignments shortly before departure. We make every effort to have students sit together, but we cannot even guarantee that with most airlines. If a student is seated next to an adult not associated with our group, we work with the cabin crew to move the adult or student to a more desirable location.

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