Cancellation Information / Trip Insurance

REFUNDS: We are keenly aware of the potential for unanticipated issues related to the pandemic to arise prior to departure.  At the same time we are faced with some contractual deadlines for non-refundable payments to airlines, hotels, and other service providers.  Based on that, the following Cancellation and Refund Policies will apply if you need to cancel your reservation:
Cancellations 62 days or more prior to departure – Full Refund less a $150 cancellation fee.
Cancellations 35-61 days prior to departure – Full Refund less a $375 cancellation fee.
Cancellations less than 35 days prior to departure – $1,500 cancellation fee.  

CANCELLATION BY TravelEd – All trips are dependent upon a minimum number of participants.  If that minimum is not reached by 62 days prior to departure, TravelEd will cancel the trip and refund all monies on deposit.

If circumstances warrant cancellation 61 days or less prior to departure refunds may be comprised of a combination of cash, and your student’s airline ticket or travel voucher.  (Cancellation Insurance, if purchased, may cover the cost of the airline ticket)

We strongly encourage you to consider purchasing Trip Cancellation Insurance. While there are several companies that offer this type of insurance for a student trip, CF Travel International provides options for insurance for cancellation due to medical reasons and a policy for cancellation for any reason.  Their website is: or phone 844-440-8113. 

Other options are:  April Insurance (866-206-9308) or  TravelGuard (800-826-5248 )

QUESTIONS?  CALL US AT :TOM JOHNSEN 805-499-1569   OR   DON ZIMRING 818-920-9059

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